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At Slutsk Meat Processing Plant, active work is constantly carried out to improve the quality of products and expand its product range. Today, Slutsk Meat-Processing Plant produces more than 350 types of meat products, the quality of which corresponds to high international standards.

A slaughter line for pigs with a capacity of 180 goals / hour was installed in the meat and fat workshop.

Since 2014, the modernization of the refrigerator. 8 refrigerating chambers with a conditional capacity of 1200 tons of meat were repaired. The repair of 4 freezing chambers with a capacity of 200 tons / day is in the process of completion.

Modern equipment was installed in the sausage shop: vacuum cutters, ice 

generators, vacuum syringes, automatic clippers, etc. These complex measures allowed to improve the sanitary and hygienic indicators of products, increase their shelf life, improve the appearance and taste.

One of the activities of the plant is the production of ravioli. For the production of delicious and high-quality dumplings in the company established the Italian dumpling line "Dominioni". Dumplings made with this equipment have already managed to please even the most demanding customers for their excellent taste.

The company has modernized the canning shop, installed new equipment. This equipment is used as part of canned meat production lines. Productivity of the car makes 80-120 cans a minute.

However, the company is not going to stop there. Trying to keep up with the times, the Slutsk Meat-Processing Plant constantly develops and launches new types of products with high biological and nutritional values into production, carries out continuous work to improve the presentation and increase the shelf life of meat products.