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Slutsk Meat Processing Plant OJSC is one of the oldest enterprises in the meat processing industry of the Republic of Belarus.

The plant was founded in 1932 on the basis of a slaughter site for livestock. Productivity was 300 kg of sausages per day.

In August 1944, the Slutsk poultry processing plant was organized on the basis of a slaughter site. In July 1966, due to a significant increase in production, the Slutsk poultry processing plant was renamed the Slutsk meat processing plant.

In 1973, the construction of a new meat processing plant was started, which was built in 1976 and by order of the Ministry of Meat and Dairy Industry, the existing meat processing plant and newly built in December 1976 were merged into the Slutsk Meat Processing Plant on an area of 18 ha.

In Belarus, the plant was included in the group of leading enterprises of the industry had all-Union value.

The design capacity was reached in 1983.

By the order of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee No. 51 of August 9, 1995, the Slutsk Meat-Processing Plant was transformed into Slutsk Meat-Processing Plant OJSC.

Since 2000, the canning section has been put into operation, producing up to 15 types of canned food.

As a result of targeted systematic modernization of production capacities, the enterprise now represents a large high-tech complex characterized by a high level of mechanization and automation of technological processes and the depth of processing of raw meat.

Meat-processing production as a whole is equipped with modern high-performance equipment of Western European countries with program management, which allows manufacturing products in a wide range of high quality.

About 350 product items are produced annually, this is achieved by constantly updating the product range. The development and introduction of new and improved species with high biological and nutritional value, the constant work on improving the presentation, improving the quality allows you to produce competitive products.

One of the main activities of the company is the production of smoked sausages. Along with traditional smoked sausages, a significant amount of raw smoked and dried salami is produced. This is one of the new directions, which allows producing smoked sausages in a shorter time.

The assortment of smoked products, which are produced with various flavors and in a variety of presentation, has expanded.

In recent years, a significant modernization of equipment in the meat processing, meat and fat shops and refrigerators, which had a positive impact on the quality of products.

To create its raw material base, the meat processing plant has a pig-breeding complex for growing and fattening pigs. The capacity of the complex is 20 thousand heads. In 2015, the investment project “Construction of a pig-breeding complex with a capacity of 24 thousand heads” was implemented near the AG. Gresk, Slutsk district.